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Barbara Van Loo - The Auction Exchange and Collector's News, August 25, 2008
A recent American Eagle auction was a diverse mix of buys and bids, as auctioneer Kenny Lindsay steered the event from items that included glassware, furniture, antique cars and signs, and finally: a log cabin.

The great diversity attracted a large crowd of more than 400 people to New Boston, Michigan to participate in the estate sale of Frank and Nora Adkins.

The highest of bids were fetched for a 1953 AMC 500 Fire Truck from the Coral Springs Volunteer Fire Department. The fire truck had a final bid price of $2,300 which is fair market value for such a vehicle.

One of the two log cabins that were placed on the block had been used to house a small private museum; the other, to depict a general store from the past. The new owners, after offering $5,100 bids each, were responsible for the dismantling of the establishments.

A true token of the rich history of the automobile was a 1931 Ford Model A that sold for $9,500. A 1947 Crosley which had been built by Crosley Motors in Cincinnati, Ohio, and which had been used in the movie Porky’s sold for $4,200.00; and a 1965 AMC Rambler Classic crossed the block for $2,000.

Found in one of the outbuildings were several examples of metal soda pop advertising signs along with soda pop coolers and pop machines.

One of the 7-Up pop dispensers indicated you could buy a bottle of 7-Up for a dime. This one was in working condition and sold for $70. Other 7-Up machines sold for $50.00 and $100.00. An old upright 7-Up cooler, also in working condition, drew its fair share and interest and sold for $400 while a second one, this one a chest-type earned $150.00. A 7-Up sign in the shape of a 7-Up bottle earned $275.00; a restored 7-Up sign saw $130.00; and a 7-Up scoreboard sign earned $60.00.

Pepsi coolers were also available with one earning $200, and a second one seeing $100. Not to be left out an RC Cola cooler earned $100 with an RC Cola sign selling for $70.And a porcelain Dr. Pepper sign saw $35. 

To go along with the soda pop, it’s always nice to have some popcorn. You could pop some for the whole crowd if you were the winning bidder at $110 for the popcorn machine. Or maybe you prefer ice cream with your soda pop. You could put the Taylor soft-serve ice cream machine right in your garage or family room if you were the winning bidder at $175.

With the price of gas what it is nowadays you might be looking for a less expensive way of getting around - especially if you are at a lake or river. A rowboat sold for $150 and a Zodiac dinghy saw a final bid of $700. A Game Fisher 7.5 horse power outboard motor sold for $200. A boat trailer for the boat sold for $100 and a utility trailer earned $500.

Take care of your lawn and garden with the Case Ingersoll tractor that was sold with implements including a plow for $800. An unusual tramp art shelf, very detailed, sold for $45; an Edison windup record player earned $100; while a lesser known Amerinola record player earned $35.00. A print by F.B. Carpenter depicting the 1864 Emancipation Proclamation earned $175 while portrait prints of Lincoln and Washington sold for $25 each. An old photo album with many old and interesting prints including tin types elicited spirited bidding and crossed the block for $500.

A Hoosier-style cabinet found a new owner for $150; an old icebox earned $200; a second icebox with its original hardware crossed the block for $165; a floor lamp with inserts saw $40; an old dress form complete with a corset sold for $35.

A dresser with a harp mirror sold for $85; an old spinning wheel earned $45; and an Old stenciled Chatham, Ontario and dated 1902 crossed the block for $110.

A marble-top dresser sold for $185; an old wardrobe earned $65; and a blind-door chimney cabinet with old blue paint crossed the block for $85.

These brought back memories of sewing machines - a far cry from what is used today.

The Singer and the Minnesota machines sold for $35 each.

A salesman’s sample cast iron stove sold for $85; a toy Singer sewing machine earned $220; and a child’s Gateway sewing machine crossed the block for $125.

A Humpty Dumpty cookie jar saw spirited bidding before being declared sold at $445.00.

A McCoy Wishing Well planter sold for $30; and an Aladdin US Mail lunch box earned $40.

An old stenciled washing machine sold for $75; a side-by-side secretary/bookcase which would be refinished sold for $120; and a 12-ft long bench from an Ann Arbor, Michigan Railroad station crossed the block for $400.

Items and prices realized represent only a very small percentage of the many items in this auction. Prices quoted to not reflect the buyer’s premium that was charged at this auction.

As noted before, it was indeed an auction with something for everyone. There was everything from collectible to the useful. Most of the time there were two rings running and, at times, there were three. The final result was a very successful auction with pleased buyers and a happy seller.

For more information on this auction, upcoming auctions, or if you are considering having an auction and want to know more about the services provided by American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company, LLC, contact President, Kenny Lindsay at 248-473-1547 or visit their award winning auction site at

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