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Michigan commercial equipment
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When the decision has been made to either downsize or exit your business, the auction method of selling is oftentimes the most appropriate exit strategy.   The competitive method of selling can be advantageous assuming that you chose the RIGHT auction firm.    This is where American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company should be highly considered as we are industry award winning 'niche' marketing specialists.  

American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company has won dozens of advertising and marketing awards on the state and national level within the auction  industry.  We mention these industry accolades and our customer testimonials to exhibit our expertise in auction marketing and promotion.    

Some of the Commercial and Industrial equipment auctions we have successfully conducted include but not limited to:

- Church & School Equipment 

-Construction Equipment Auctions  ie: Irish Construction, Howell, Michigan

-Gym and Physical Fitness Equipment: Powerhouse Gyms and More!

-Rental Equipment 

-Office Equipment 

- Retail Store/Outlet Auctions

-Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical Contractor 

-Water Mitigation Equipment

-Car Wash Auctions

-Golf Course & Pro Shop Equipment ie: Michigan Golf Center, Wayne, Michigan

-Sports Memorabilia Business Liquidation 

- Mechanical (Mechanics) Tool & Machinery Equipment 

- Automotive Repair Equipment 

- Restaurant Equipment 

- Trucks, Trailers & Heavy Equipment

- Hardware Stores  ie: Kruk Hardware, Westland, Michigan

- Commercial Real Estate

- Electrical Equipment (Electricians)  ie: Paff Electric Company (Downsizing Auction) Northville & Plymouth Township, Michigan


Time is of the essence!  Nobody understands or appreciates that more than we do.  Approximately 50% of our business liquidation auctions take place within 30 business days.  However, we have conducted significant business liquidation auctions from start to finish in 7-14 days.  It's important to recognize that one of the most important ingredients to the sales process is 'urgency.'   

Your situation may very well warrant a 'short notice' headline which can be highly advantageous to your bottom line. We have 25 years of 'real world' marketing, advertising and promotions experience with customer testimonials from folks just like you to back it up. Talk with us and we can begin advertising and marketing your auction today.


In short, metro Detroit based American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company recognizes the importance of a robust advertising and marketing campaign which is essential to attract bidders from around the country where they COMPETE to purchase your assets.

However, what makes American Eagle Auction & Appraisal company different from many of our competitors is we expand way beyond a simple 'cookie cutter' traditional advertising campaign.  Not only do we saturate the market promoting the assets you are liquidating but our marketing strategies pinpoint your niche audience.

Sounds expensive, right?   The reality is, our tailored and comprehensive marketing campaigns are cost effective which find the 'sweet spots' and always produce superior results on auction day. Our targeted advertising and marketing campaigns will reach out to your ideal market audience. 

Most importantly is our client testimonials. Long time established and successful business owners that achieved those accolades based on making wise business decisions regularly chose American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company to maximize their return on their business assets.

There is no fee for a phone and/or in person consultation.. At the very least, take a few minutes and speak with us concerning your situation. Our direct number is (734) 223-3277.

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Kenny Lindsay standing with owner of Mike's German Auto (Volkswagon related, auto parts and vehicles) after a successful downsizing auction held in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Professional auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay, CAI with Mr. & Mrs. Hedley with Quality Rental based in Owosso, Michigan.  The auction process exceeded their expectations. These fine folks are off to enjoy many fine years of retirement.
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Actual auction brochure from a large tool and construction equipment auction we successfully liquidated at public auction in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
Tool Shop Appraiser
Chuck O'Grady from O'Grady Tool Company commissioned American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company to liquidate his popular machine shop in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  The auction was wildly successful and it produced bidders as far away as the United Kingdom!