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Governor Rick Snyder Declares 'Auctioneers Day' in Michigan 
Governor Rick Snyder Issues a Proclamation certificate to Auctioneers
Michigan Governor,Rick Snyder has proclaimed April 18th as 'Auctioneers Day' in the state of Michigan.

The professional auctioneer is one of the oldest professions in the world and the last bastion of the competitive free enterprise system.

Auctions are a critically important facet to the United States economy as its a multi-billion dollar industry.

"Governor Snyder has attended many professionally conducted auctions in his lifetime. He has witnessed the effectiveness of the competitive form of pricing  so it isn't a surprise that he issued this certificate", said Kenny Lindsay, Chairman of the Board with the Michigan Auctioneers Association. 

Lindsay Elected  President of the Michigan Auctioneers Association
Lansing, Michigan – A professional auctioneer and personal property appraiser from Livonia, Michigan has been named to the top post in a state trade organization.

Kenny Lindsay was elected as President of the Michigan Auctioneers Association. Lindsay is one of the most accomplished professional auctioneers in metro Detroit where his company, American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company has won dozens of professional advertising and marketing awards including the prestigious ‘Auction of the Year’ award in 2005.

Lindsay has worked for about six years toward leadership in the organization. In previous years, he has been appointed as Chairman to several important MAA committees including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Auctioneers Making A Difference and Public Relations. In 2005, Lindsay was also appointed to serve on the Presidential Advisory Committee for the National Auctioneers Association based in Overland Park, Kansas.

“The Michigan Auctioneers Association is a model for many to follow and the fact that my peers have elected me this leadership position is truly an honor” Lindsay said. “It is one of the most innovative and productive auctioneer associations in the world.”

Lindsay said his priorities as president are to meet the needs of the board and to continue raising the bar for its practitioners’ in the Michigan auction industry and to introduce creative ideas to promote the efficiency of the live auction industry to the general public through the Public Promotions committee he co-founded. 
“Our education and outside-of-the-box thinking is amazing,” Lindsay said. “I will ensure that our association continues to flourish and expand upon the foundation that our veterans have built over the past 60 years.”

Formed in 1951, the Michigan Auctioneers Association has grown to be one of the pillars of the community of state auctioneers associations. The leadership and growth the association has propelled the association to be one of the innovators in the professional auction industry. The Michigan Auctioneers Association publishes a national award winning quarterly magazine, and represents the interest of auctioneers with governmental departments and the state legislature. The organization also promotes the betterment of auctioneers through its educational efforts and legislation affecting the industry.

​Overland Park, Kan., June 4, 2013 - Professional certified auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay, President of American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company based in Livonia, Michigan will compete on the international stage in the prestigious International Auctioneers Championship in July.

Since 1988, the world's top auctioneers have competed for the title of International Auctioneer Champion (IAC). Hosted annually by the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), the competition takes place at the 64th Annual International Auctioneers Conference and Show. This year's competition will take place Friday, July 19 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"Just having the opportunity to share the very stage where some of the greatest auctioneer legends of all-time have competed is pretty special." Lindsay said. Professional auctioneers are accustomed to working under pressure but Lindsay adds, "I'm not going to kid you that the butterflies are not flying in the pit of my stomach.  This is a different type of pressure when thousands of your colleagues are watching you.  Once I get going, I should be fine but it's those grueling hours and minutes beforehand that get you." Lindsay said.

IAC competitors will be judged on their presentation, chant, voice timbre, body language, interview answers and other performance elements of effective auctioneering. Seventy-three men and 27 women will compete in this year’s competition. The IAC preliminaries will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, July 19. The top seven female contestants and fifteen male contestants advance to the finals which will begin at 6:00 p.m.

IAC champions serve as industry ambassadors and will spend the next year traveling throughout the country training auctioneers and representing the industry before the public. A highlight of an IAC champion’s year is serving as the lead auctioneers at the annual St. Jude Toy Auction. Every year, St. Jude Children Research Hospital hosts an afternoon auction in partnership with the NAA where patients learn to bid call like an auctioneer and bid on free toys donated by the NAA. 

In 2012, Justin Ochs, CAI, of Hendersonville, Tenn., was selected as the men's division IAC champion. Lynne Zink, CAI, BAS, CES, of Joppa, Md., was the 2012 women's division champion.

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Livonia, Michigan Auctioneer To Compete On International Stage

DUNDEE, MICHIGAN –History up on the auction block! Two live public auctions are scheduled in the month of April to sell the world renowned museum contents belonging to the late Michael Yeck, purveyor of the Dundee Motor Pool Museum. The first auction that will feature antique and common tools and equipment will take place on April 17, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. On April 27, 2013, the auction dubbed ‘The Grand Finale’ that will feature a robust military vehicle and classic car auction along with thousands of military relics that date back to the Civil War.

The former Mayor of Dundee, Michigan, Mike Yeck who passed away this past August was instrumental in establishing the Veterans Memorial in Dundee and a long standing member of the Moore-Lenz-Wakefield VFW Post 6462 established Yeck Manufacturing in 1947. Years later, he gained national prominence when he established Yeck Antique Firearms and ultimately the Dundee Motor Pool Museum which attracted visitors from all around the United States to view his enormous collection of military vehicles and memorabilia dating back to the Civil War. 

Mike Yeck served in the Army during World War II. In fact, Yeck was one of the first men to volunteer for the Selective Service in 1940 and had only expected to serve about two years. His plans changed, however, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and he served out the rest of the war, including participating in D-Day, June 6, 1944, when the Allies invaded Nazi-controlled France.

During the initial part of the invasion, Yeck was aboard a boat the was towing an artificial harbor – a 200 foot long, 30-foot-high barge that was supposed to be used as a breakwater to make it easier for troops to disembark on the beach. Yecks boat was hit and sank while the barge broke up. Yeck and his crew mates treaded water until they were picked up by another boat. On the way back to England, he was ordered to go to a Liberty Ship, a cargo vessel, to operate a floating crane and replace the previous operator who had broken his leg. Tragedy struck when 10 of the 12 men in his crew were killed when his ship hit a mine.  

Yeck passion for collecting was born after he took his first trip back to France since the end of the war in 1989 during the commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of D-Day. From there, one of the most profound military vehicle and memorabilia collections began in a pair of aluminum hangers he created after the war for his manufacturing business in Dundee, Michigan.  

“Mike Yeck was a people person and a showman of military history so its only appropriate that his remarkable collection is showcased with a big auction where everyone can be a part of the action. I guess you could call it his Last Hurrah .” Said professional auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay. Lindsay adds; “This is a great testament to the auction method as everything will be sold regardless of the final bid price. It makes no difference what your budget is – you can get an important piece of history bought. Understand that we are talking about thousands of different items in this auction. It’s very diverse – everything from antique bear traps, old shipping crates to re-enactment uniforms, military canteens and authentic military vehicles including a very cool 1942 Harley Davidson Motorcycle with side car.”

The following dates are noteworthy. Tool & Equipment Auction and Open House, April 17th at 10:30 a.m. Media Preview and Open House on Wednesday, April 24th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. and The Grand Finale featuring 40 Military and Classic Cars along with thousands of military artifacts on Saturday, April 27th at 10:30 a.m. Arrive early and all parking for the April 27th date will take place at Cabalas. Shuttle busses will be running throughout the day.  

To view over 600 pictures of what will be sold and for more information, please visit the American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company website at . Contact Kenny Lindsay at (734) 223-3277.   

FOWLERVILLE, MICHIGAN – A rare collection of vintage and culturally important art and memorabilia from the Cass Corridor in Detroit, Michigan has surfaced in the most unlikely place, an estate in an old farm town community known as Fowlerville, Michigan. 

The unique find consists of several artifacts of nationally renowned visual arts artists, musicians and poets. The collection will be sold at public auction at 7922 Lange Rd. in Fowlerville, Michigan on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 12 Noon. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the extensive renovation project of the historic Carriage House in the Cass Corridor.

In the 1960’s, the Cass Corridor which is defined by the area by I-75, Lodge Freeway, Woodward and Martin Luther King Blvd was considered the most concentrated poverty stricken area in the United States. While urban decay was in full force, a new face began to emerge as the Cass Corridor was quickly becoming a culturally rich community that attracted ‘tribes’ of creative artists in visual arts, poetry and musicians.

History has demonstrated that some of the most esteemed musical and artistic talents ever to come out of Detroit originated from the Cass Corridor. The artistic community has produced several popular musicians and contemporary artists including; Bradley Jones, Dave Chapple, Mitch Ryder, Rockabilly Cats, The White Stripes along with a host of popular blues bands. 

‘Creem’ which billed itself as “America’s Only Rock ‘n Roll Magazine’ was headquartered in the shadows of the Cass Corridor. The area is also known for its widely popular and annual, ‘Dally in the Alley’ arts festival.

“No pun intended, but we consider this find to be a diamond in the rough”, said professional Michigan auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay, CAI owner of American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company, the firm that was selected to conduct the sale of the collection. “With exception to museum exhibitions where Cass Corridor art is prominently displayed, you just don’t see Cass Corridor related memorabilia on the open market, or anywhere for that matter. Whatever is out there is spread out pretty thin, so when you see such a collection as this raises some eyebrows. It’s a big deal for sure.” Lindsay said.

The live auction will feature a wide selection of memorabilia that resurrects the history of the Cass Corridor cultural legacy. Original writings, paintings, sketches, sculptures, promo flyers, posters, magazines, personal letters, photography and postcards. Highlights include a large 1967 painting and other works by renowned Cass Corridor artist, Bradley Jones and David Chapple.  

Other highlights include Bradley Jones original sketch book which consists of dozens of full page drawings and writings. Original John Piet metal sculptures. A vintage Alvin’s Guest Book which is signed by hundreds of patrons and musicians. Table and Chairs from Alvin’s and a Alvin’s flyer prototype binder. 

More information on the Cass Corridor Public Auction is available by visiting the American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company website at: or by calling (248) 473-1547.

Auctioneers make great certified appraisers on Military memorabilia
Dundee Michigan Museum sale
​-Kenny Lindsay-

Professional auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay was honored with his induction into the Michigan Auctioneers 'Legends' trading card set produced by the Michigan Auctioneers Association. 

The 'Legends' trading cards features 37 prominent auctioneers dating back to the 1950's who made a considerable and positive impact in the Michigan auction industry. 
Lindsay Honored In Michigan 'Legends' Trading Card Set