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Many Home Sellers Sold On Auctions
New article from the pages of USA Today! Find out why many homeowners are now turning to the auction method to sell their house fast!

Only At Auction! - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©
Learn about the centuries old auction profession and much more.

The Auctioneer's Chant
Making sense of the jibber jabber.

Forget the garage sales and classified ads. Find out WHY AUCTION!

Put The 'FUND' Back Into Fun-d-raising Auctions - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©
Planning a fundraising, charity or benefit auction? Don't lift a finger until you read this article.

Why Hire A Professional Auctioneer? - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©
Planning an auction for your fundraiser and/or charity? See why impersonating an auctioneer will cost your organization money and might get you sued.

Professional Auctioneer Vs. Ebay
How should you sell your collection? Through a professional auction service or eBay? Here you will see some of the pros and cons of both entities.

Crime For Sale - Ban The Media! - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©

Our Thoughts On September 11, 2001 - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©

The Dreaded 'Certificate Of Authenticity' (Autograph Collecting) - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©

The Arrest & Conviction Of A Real Life 'Forger' 
Auctioneer Ken Lindsay is a "hero?" See how he detected a major forgery ring and nailed the bad guys.

Till Death Do Us Part - EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE! ©
Uncovering the 'myth of death' in the autograph and collectors' market.

Appraisal Vs. Estimate - What's The Difference?

Eleven Things NEVER To Buy Used At Auction Or Anywhere

Put Your Death In Writing! - Tips On Organizing Your Estate Information

Avoid Getting 'Ripped Off' By A Consignment Dealer
How family treasures can disappear or go uncompensated for in a dealer shell game.

Estate Planning - The Three A's 
What you need to know about estate planning and the importance of The Three A's.

What To Do At An Auction 
Never attended a Michigan auction before? This article will give you some insight on the process.

FORM: Absentee Bidding Terms & Conditions

Potrykus' House Nets Big At Auction 
The results are in and the seller is happy!

Can An Auction Sell A House At Market Value? 
Grosse Ile Camera - December 16, 2005.

Rustic Village Going To The High Bidder! 
Monroe Evening News - May 22, 2008. American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company, LLC featured in local newspaper on historic estate auction in Waltz, Michigan.

American Eagle Delivers BIG For Waltz Seller 
Auction Exchange & Collectors News article reports results of an important auction conducted by American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company, LLC.

As the real estate market in Michigan continues to evolve, auctions are gaining wide acceptance in the marketplace as a sound way to sell property. Michigan real estate auctioneer Ken Lindsay grants an interview with the Michigan Association of Realtors and discusses selling real estate at auction.

Real Estate Auction Reference Guide
You've heard a lot about real estate auctions but many of your questions remain unanswered - until now. Get straight talk answers to many of your questions then contact us to seal the deal.
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